KCFW Thursday March 17, 2016

I was very excited to make a trip to Kansas City Fashion Week!  I went with my mom and my older sister.  I have been to KCFW before, with my mom as a designer and my dad as the Technical Director, but this was my first time as press!


The Thursday night show was the charity night so I got to see my friend Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer with Rightfully Sewn.  The Mayor was also there to talk about the amazing work that Jennifer and KCFW is doing for the city and I also got to see my friends, Layne and Teisha, who work with KCFW.

I loved watching all of the designers collections, especially the kids collection from T.Michelle.  I also loved the velvet in More Than Just Fig Leaves and the gowns from KJ Clothing Design.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the evening.

Overall, I had a wonderful time and I could tell the designers worked really hard on their collections and I am happy they shared them with us.  The best part for me was being there with my mom and sister.  I even got to meet the Mayor, Mr. James, and I got an awesome gift bag from Beauty Brands to take home!

I cannot wait to see what Kansas City Fashion Week will bring in the fall! I will make sure I am there to find out. XOXO - Isabel.

Fashion Tinys

Hi! My name is Isabel and Courtney is my mom.  I have been going to fashion events and helping my mom in the studio since before I can remember.  I did my first fashion show at 5 weeks old and went on my first photo shoot when I was 2 months old.  I would love to share with you my thoughts on clothes, projects I get to see, art, and just things I like! XOXO - Isabel