Courtney Perry, or Cave-Perry as she has come to be known, is a local accessories designer, art enthusiast, and Executive Director who loves Kansas City, her kids, and all the hats she wears.
During the day, Courtney has the pleasure of running The Arts Asylum, a local visual and performing arts center in downtown Kansas City.  The Arts Asylum hosts 26 resident artist studios, 2 gallery/flex spaces, and a theatre available for everything from traditional theatre shows to burlesque, dance, music, weddings, opera, and live art events. Courtney is also the founder of The Arts Asylum program Kids with Crayons, which has inspired her ready to wear collection KWCxKIC sold here.

The House of Cochon Story

House of Cochon, formerly The Bead Garden was born when Courtney closed the doors on her retail store front and decided to work on building her jewelry brand.  Our first runway show was in July of 2009 with the Kansas City Fringe Festival.  Courtney mixed ready to wear with large scale pieces and hats to mix her love of jewelry design and her theatre production experience.  She was hooked after that and has gone on to create more than 10 collections, show in a variety of venues and win various Kansas City awards for her designs.  Unless otherwise specified, all of Courtney's designs are one of a kind statement pieces which reflect her love of art and her desire for all her clients to make a statement.

Courtney's Story

Courtney was born and raised in Kansas City, attending Visitation Grade School and St. Teresa's Academy near her childhood home in the Brookside Area.

Courtney went on to attend school for legal research, as well as later earning a second degree in interior design.  However her first love, art, came calling when she and her husband suffered a house fire in 2004.  It was then that she decided to leave her "day job" and start creating wearable art in the form of jewelry.  Her first pieces were questionable at best, but after a few years of work and a couple of classes with the local bead store, she decided to go into business with her best friend.  A few years later, she opened The Bead Garden store front, which would later become House of Cochon.  In that time she also got married to Alex Perry, a theatrical technician, and they began renovating a house and dreaming of producing their own theatre.

Since then, they have gone on to renovate 4 houses, 2 churches, co-found Egads Theatre Company, create The Arts Asylum, and purchase A to Z Theatrical Supply and Service.  Courtney and Alex also have 3 beautiful girls and live in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

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